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About Linnea

Linnea grew up on a farm in Indiana where she learned the value of hard work, honesty and keeping her word. After graduating from Purdue University she moved to Chicago and pursued a career in real estate.

Linnea's life was transformed by Christ through Alpha. Thriving in her newfound Biblical community she wanted to create a space for others to belong and experience the love of Christ through Alpha so she began working for Alpha Chicago. Her role included everything from fundraising and event planning to leading prayer meetings and training for pastors and leaders. Experiencing postpartum depression drove her to do some soul searching. Desiring more of Christ she attended a spiritual formation program.

During this time, she discovered that you can either allow Christ to transform your pain or you transmit your pain. Understanding that if you embrace your pain and seek His presence, then you can discover more about who you are and who Christ desires you to become. This journey led her into deeper intimacy with the Father's tender loving heart where she discovered His dreams for her life. A natural outflow of this uncovering of her true self, she became a certified Spiritual Director in 2019, Immanuel Prayer facilitator in 2021, a certified Journey Group leader in  2022. Most recently, she became a qualified HeartSync minister in 2023. 

As a happily married mother with three beautiful daughters, her time is spent nurturing, loving, and helping others learn and grow. Her favorite activities include guiding others to experience the Lord more deeply and become securely attached to the Creator and Lover of their soul. She gently encourages others to hear the Lord's perspective in the midst of their pain. So they can discover more of Jesus' heart to find healing, grow in maturity, and live out His calling for their lives with clarity and joy.

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