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Spiritual Direction

What does the Lord want to tend to in your soul?

Becoming who Christ created us to be is a process. Like peeling an onion, one can shed the trappings of the false self to discover the true self. Notice where there may be resistance, mistrust or deep longing. Experience growth in your relationship and obedience to Christ by having another companion alongside you to help you notice God's leading, see aspects of your heart God is still forming and draw closer to the Lord.

What to expect in Spiritual Direction

  • A person willing to walk alongside you on your spiritual journey. This person can walk with you in silence or in dialogue, in peaceful times or terrible times. The point is presence.

  • A companion who will listen attentively and reflect back to you what you are experiencing and discovering.

  • Confidentiality—what you talk about in your time with the spiritual director will go no further.


  • Encouragement and hope; an effective spiritual director always carries hope for you and gently nudges you toward the wisdom and grace God is already pouring into your life.

  • Reverence and respect for the spiritual movement in your life. A wise spiritual director recognizes that God speaks to people in many different ways.

  • A person wise enough to understand when you need help that is different from spiritual direction. An attentive spiritual director will notice if you appear to be physically, emotionally, or mentally ill and will encourage you to get the support you need.

  • A person with whom you are safe to talk about your interior life in all its complexity and unfolding beauty.

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