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Immanuel Prayer

Have you ever had an incredible experience of connection with the Lord?

Whether through worship, a stunning sunset, or the contagious laughter of a child. We experience the gifts of the Lord in many different ways. As we learn in scripture, Christ is Immanuel- "God With Us." Using the good gifts He gives every day as a pathway to connect with the loving, tangible presence of Christ God strengthens our connection to Him. Pioneered by Dr. Karl Lehman this tried and true prayer modality is a way to grow in intimacy with Jesus.

What to expect in Immanuel Prayer

  • A companion will help facilitate the process of Immanuel Prayer for you. Initially helping you sit in an appreciation memory. Listening while you describe what you notice with your 5 senses.

  • ​Then inviting the living, loving, tangible presence of the Lord to be with you and helping you stay in that safe space mentally. Gently guiding you to experience the interactive presence of the Lord.

  • Sharing wisdom to help you overcome any blocks or helping you re-connect with the Lord if the connection is lost. Reflecting back on what the Lord has said about how He feels about you, who you are, and who you are becoming


  • Confidentiality—what happens in your session with Immanuel is kept private.

  • The initial appointment is free of charge

  • A person wise enough to understand when you need help that is different from Immanuel Prayer. An attentive facilitator will notice if you appear to be physically, emotionally, or mentally ill and will encourage you to get the support you need.

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