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How God has Used Journey Groups to Transform and Mature Me

After my spiritual formation cohort wrapped up, I wanted to learn more about Immanuel Prayer. I attended an Immanuel Prayer training through Andrew Ross and Michael Schaefer in 2019. I met many wonderful people, including Amy Brown. We were placed in a break-out room together and had the most wonderful conversation. Following that conversation, I reached out to set up a meeting with her.

I had never heard some of the language she used before. She was a mature believer who had been through some suffering and had come through the other side with purpose, meaning, and new life. She was now giving away what she had learned. Our meeting can only be described as a divine appointment. The more she shared, I knew I wanted to learn more from her.

God was calling me to join a Journey Group. Another friend from my Immanuel Prayer training was a journey group leader. I joined her group and I felt like I was joining an old friend in a new space. A whole new world of brain science and scripture was unveiled to me. I felt like I was traveling further down the path that Ray and Nancy Kane had begun in my spiritual formation cohort.

My depression had lifted and I was committed to understanding as much as I could about how brain science and scripture intersect. I longed to become a mature believer in Christ, learning about the 19 brain skills seemed like the wind in my sails. Finally, I could ascertain a path toward emotional and spiritual maturity. I was a sponge soaking up everything, taking it all in and trying to integrate it into my life. Admittedly, mastering new skills was challenging, but I continued to try and I was growing. I could sense it. I felt like a new plant that was bursting out of the ground ready to bloom.

Designed by Amy Brown in 2017, Journey Groups have connected and blessed believers who are hungry for a deeper relationship with Christ and thirsty for authentic community. Journey Groups are unique in that both Scripture and brain science are built into the lessons, which activate the renewing of your mind according to God’s design. Journey Groups help align your heart, mind, and spirit so that everything in your life works more smoothly — your emotions, health, relationships, faith, sense of belonging, and maturity. You'll find yourself able to live as the person God created you to be in even difficult situations.


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